Information & Orientation for Parents

We believe parents are an integral part of a child’s learning experiences. Therefore, Self Development Preschool provides program orientation to parents. Self Development Preschool believes intellectual and physical growth occurs in a fostering environment, both at home and at Self Development Preschool.

Self Development Preschool and parents collaborate in the following ways:

  • Parents assist with study trips
  • Parent assist with program activities
  • Parents read to their children
  • Parents prepare their children for programs
  • Self Development Preschool provides feedback regularly to parents

Preschoolers enjoy an environment characterized by:

  • State-licensed and district-approved indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Outdoor safety for climbing, running, playing, and wheeled toys
  • Personal storage space
  • Toilet, washing, and drinking fountains height accessible

Parent Testimonials

Self Development Preschool prepares students to already be one year ahead when they enter kindergarten. Parents rave about the pre-kindergarten program! Students are ready to read and succeed in school and beyond.