Self Development Preschool’s toddler program includes time for personal empowerment, language development, cognitive development, play behavior, and social and emotional skills.

The period between infancy and childhood is called the toddler stage. Toddlers grow and change tremendously during this period, full of energy and ready to assert their independence. Because they can’t communicate verbally, it can be frustrating to both themselves and parents.

Toddler Program & Curriculum

Through pretend play, painting, scribbling, and dancing, children develop their creativity and artistic talent. They develop analytical and logical skills through counting, recognizing numbers, colors and shapes, and observing patterns.

Creative and cognitive development

Learning language requires that children first understand it and then speak it. Daily songs, story time, and circle activities reinforce vocabulary building. Self Development Preschool also teaches sign language, which helps children to develop an understanding of their own feelings and express them, without a negative outburst.

Language development

At this stage, children are increasingly aware of their independent self and a desire to do things “by myself.” Daily activities include songs, simple but pertinent stories, and games. Children engage in activities with friends, dance and sway to music, and participate in activities for classroom-wide, whole body movement.

Social and emotional development

Physical development

Toddlers play on the playground and participate in classroom activities that encourage them to climb, walk, and run in a safe environment. Self Development Preschool staff work on gross motor coordination to help children learn to jump, stand on tiptoes, and pull and push large toys. Toddlers also begin showing an interest in toilet training.

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