Self Development Preschool’s program for three-year-olds focuses on curriculum that teaches them about their environment and using their five senses. They observe, imitate, explore, and focus on perfecting their motor skills

Preschool Program & Curriculum

Through music and movement, children express their feelings. Self Development Preschool exposes children to the works of great composers as well as art masterpieces and the artists behind them. They learn to use the brush strokes like Van Gogh and mimic Michael Angelo when they lie down on their backs under the table to paint the “ceiling.”

Creative and cognitive development

SDP staff believes a love for mathematics and logical thinking begins early in life. Children develop number sense, recognizing the number symbol and the number word.


Beginning with the early recognition of letters and sounds, the program progresses to introduce phonics and site words by the time children enter kindergarten. Children learn shapes, their associated sounds, and recognize sight words. Through exposure to literature, children learn to identify story elements.


Intellectual development

Children at this age learn to cooperate, share, interact with friends, and follow rules in small groups. They spend time individually, in small group, and in large groups. The classroom provides opportunities for children to feel important, independent, and receive praise for their accomplishments.

Social and emotional development

Physical development

Children hone fine motor skills by cutting with scissors, gluing, punching holes, using small toys, and drawing and writing letters. Age-appropriate toys and equipment help them climb, jump, crawl, balance on one foot, catch, and throw.

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